Birthday Fever

Happy Birthday, August Babies!

Here at Pacific Cookie Company, we like to celebrate birthdays in the month of August (maybe the heat of summer gets us thinking about a nice cool ice cream cake). So we thought we’d take these last few days before the end of August to continue the celebrations with a few birthday sale items. You can view those items either by viewing the birthday section of our website, or the sale section.

Of course you have all seen our one-of-a-kind “embarrass the birthday kid” velvety birthday hat with the candles on top. We believe that celebrating your birthday without the birthday hat would be like eating a cookie without a glass of milk! You just can’t have one without the other. In fact, one of our employees, Ashley, has a family tradition of passing the birthday hat from Aunt to nephew to brother to Grandma, etc. depending on who’s birthday they are celebrating.

Back in April, Mila and Lily, the two daughters of Cara Pearson,  celebrated yet another year of fun-filled childhood surrounded by their loving friends and family. Michelle Riddle, of Michelle Riddle Photography, was kind enough to take photos of the event that we have been waiting all year to share with you – and might we take a moment to compliment Michelle’s great work – “Fantastic shots, Michelle! They came out perfect!” Needless to say, all the kids there had a blast between the pinata, easter egg hunt, and classic cookies cakes. Cookie cakes, you ask? Well yes, but not the store bought kind.

The Pearson Family reinvented the cookie cake – And we thought we’d share the secret with you since they’re so simple to make, and a definite party pleaser!

Cookie Cake Recipe


Pacific Cookie Company cookies (most popular flavors = Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, and Dr. Midnight)

– awesomely long candles (we bought ours at Outside-In Kids, in Aptos)


1. Stack cookies about 6 high on a large plate

2. Place candle in center of first cookie on each stack

3. Light the candles

4. Enjoy!

**And if you really want to top it off (no pun intended), check out Lily’s Birthday Topper on our website for a fun addition to any birthday, young or not so young! Here’s a great review from one of our customers: “Hi all, Just wanted you to know how much my uncle loved not only the cookies I sent for his 70th birthday, but the plush birthday hat they came with. He had a big party and wore the hat the whole night, even when he started getting hot — he never took it off. It was the hit of the party and his special day. Thanks for offering such a fun gift! – Frances”

Cookies, Kids, & the Pearson Family Photo Shoot

In recognition of pediatric cancer awareness month a few Vine Hill Elementary school moms collaborated with Cookies for Kids Cancer to hold a community bake sale. Michelle Riddle contacted Pacific Cookie Company to see if we would be willing the donate cookies for the event. It was so successful that the 250 cookies we donated were sold in the first 30 minutes and left a lot of hungry kids with two dollars in hand pretty disappointed. So disappointed in fact that Michelle and her friends decided to hold another bake sale the following week. The bake sale raised over $1200 for Cookies for Kids Cancer, a small non-profit that encourages people to hold bake sales to raise money to help fund pediatric cancer research.

Michelle, a skilled photographer, was so appreciative of the donation of cookies she offered to do a photo shoot for the Pearson family. With three little ones all under the age of 4 years, Nana Shelly (owner of PCC) had always wanted to get a good photo of them together. One late afternoon in November her dream came true and here are some of the amazing photos that Michelle took.

Pearson Family

Clockwise from top left: Cara, Shelly, Larry, Stacy, Ryan, Ivan, Lily, Mila, James

Mila Lily IvanLeft to right: Mila, Lily, Ivan

Please check out her website/blog to see her other wonderful work.