The fastest way to my heart is through my stomach

Emily’s day is the second in our series A Perfect Day in Santa Cruz.

Like Cara, my perfect Santa Cruz day starts on a Saturday morning in the summer. There is something indescribable and perfect about this morning in Santa Cruz; it’s a combination of the warm mid-morning glow of sunlight tempered by a cool ocean breeze, the sense of freedom that accompanies the prospect of free time, and the contagious feeling of being on vacation that can come from living in a destination like Santa Cruz.

As usual, my waking thoughts this morning are “what’s for breakfast?” For me, one of the biggest perks about living in Santa Cruz is the wealth of affordable, quality, and organic foods. Because I love food. I love to think about food, shop for food, cook food, and eat food. It doesn’t have to be gourmet; it just has to be yummy. Consequently, my perfect day involves many local edibles…

I crawl out of bed and put together a breakfast of oranges, whole-wheat toast, and Glaum Egg Ranch Cage Free, Certified Organic, & Certified Humane Eggs. As a vegetarian, I feel particularly lucky to be able to purchase these local, humane, organic eggs from one of my favorite nearby grocery stores, New Leaf Market. After I have my fill of breakfast, my boyfriend and I head over to the East Side of Santa Cruz for a walk along our favorite stretch of coast: East Cliff Dr. We pick up a coffee at Verve Coffee Roasters and mosey from the Hook to Rockview and back, stopping to watch the waves and surfers.

After our walk and a lunch at Betty Burgers (their veggie burger with grilled onions for me… mmm…), we head home and spend the afternoon relaxing outside on our patio with our most recent purchases from Bookshop Santa Cruz; an Andrew Jackson biography for him, a David Sedaris book for me.

The fog drifts in from the ocean and the temperature begins to drop as the sun sinks lower in the sky. We pack up our books, change clothes, and head to Downtown Santa Cruz for dinner and margaritas at The Acapulco. We devour tacos, quesadillas, and a splash of tequila, and then stroll down Pacific Ave window shopping and popping into the stores that are still open. On our way home we swing by Shopper’s Corner to pick up a bottle of wine for the rest of the evening. Snuggled in blankets on the couch, some home-made popcorn and a movie round out a most relaxing and delicious day in Santa Cruz.

Is it the weekend yet?

When We Think Santa Cruz, We Think Local

Pacific Cookie Company is a proud member of Think Local First Santa Cruz, a network of independent and locally owned businesses and community organizations joining together to promote economic vitality and preserve the unique character of our community. As a family-owned company being part of this greater community of local businesses is wonderful especially since we have been in business in Santa Cruz for almost 30 years! Wow, in August it will be thirty years since we first opened our doors on the Pacific Garden mall. Thinking about the years that have passed brings back so many fond memories of Santa Cruz. So many in fact that we thought it would be fun to do a blog mini series on an ideal day in Santa Cruz. In this series a few people from PCC will post about things they love about SC. I will go first…

A Perfect Day in Santa Cruz
By Cara

My perfect day in Santa Cruz begins with a Saturday morning early wake up call from our girls Lily (4 years) and Mila (1 year). As a family we walk up Seabright Avenue to our favorite breakfast spot, the Seabreeze Cafe for a greek scramble and some bacon waffles. With our bellies full we head to our neighborhood stomping grounds, Seabright beach, to run around before we get in the car and head north on hwy 1. But first a stop off at New Leaf Market on the westside for sandwiches and picnic supplies. Past Davenport we arrive at Wadell creek, a beautiful north coast destination and a wonderful place for a hike to check out wildflowers with amazing views of the coast. After our hike we collect rocks and shells at Wadell beach to remind us of our day. Tired we pile into the car to hit up our favorite kid friendly restaurant, Drunk Monkeys, for some cocktails and great pacific rim cuisine. With the kids in bed early we collapse on the couch and reflect on how lucky we are and how much WE LOVE SANTA CRUZ!!