We All Scream for Ice Cream!

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

When it comes to desserts, we don’t like to single any of them out. Once we realized Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, we knew we had to celebrate! While cookies are our specialty, we do know a thing or two about ice cream.

Marianne’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream is the perfect treat during a nice warm summer day (although we are also those people that eat ice cream on a cold, rainy winter night). If you didn’t know already, cookies and ice cream make a YUMMY duo, and we are committed to serving only the best in our bakery! We have been proudly serving Marianne’s Ice Cream in our shop for over 30 years! Popular among locals and visitors, Marianne’s Ice Cream has been a successful establishment in Santa Cruz since 1947!

As we are also a family owned and operated business, we admire the history of Marianne’s Ice Cream. Lenore and Tom Becker opened the ice cream shop in hopes of putting their daughters (Mary and Anne) through college. In 1958, Sam Lieberman took over and not only did he commit to serving a high quality product, but expanded the “menu” from 13 to over 75 flavors! Fast forward to 2019 and the shop is still in it’s original location on Ocean Ave! Their business has expanded with additional locations in Aptos and Capitola, and delivering products to various restaurants and stores across the Bay Area!

Ice Cream and…Cookies!

If you’re looking to indulge, you can pair Marianne’s Ice Cream with our cookies! Visit our bakery where you can treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich (two fresh baked cookies with a scoop of your favorite flavor) OR keep it simple with a scoop on a cone! While we wish we had the space to serve all of their flavors, we do offer some of their yummiest options!

  • 1020 – Caramel Ice Cream with Chocolate Swirl and Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches
  • Heaven – Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Swirl, Peanut Butter Swirl and Brownies
  • Mint Chip – Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Featuring our very own cookie dough!
  • …and many more!

You can visit our bakery Sunday through Thursday from 10am – 10 pm and Friday through Saturday from 10am – Midnight. We are located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz at 1203 Pacific Ave. Please give our friends at Marianne’s a visit too! They are located at 1020 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”