It’s the First Day of Spring!

It’s the First Day of Spring!

Spring has sprung and we can’t be more excited! With the crisp change in the air, we thought we’d highlight a couple of cookies that make great Spring-time treats.

Lemon Drop

Looking for a sweet and zesty treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Our Lemon Drop cookie is sure to do the trick! Made with pure lemon extract, we’re certain this tangy cookie will hit your taste buds in all the right places.

Enjoy with a glass of milk or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you want to cross over to the dark tart side, we suggest pairing with a scoop of your favorite fruit sorbet or sherbet.

Lemon Drop – a tangy variation of the classic sugar cookie made with creamery butter and pure lemon extract.

Mint Condition

If you’re a fan of our Dr. Midnight (triple chocolate cookie), you’ll know we make a cool variation which we call Mint Condition. Made with chocolate syrup and cocoa powder, this cookie is perfect for all the chocoholics out there. To freshen things up, we add green mint chips to the mix. Think Mint Chip ice cream in the form of a cookie!

Whether it’s the minty taste or the green chips, this cookie is a favorite among kids! Pair with your favorite chocolate or mint chip ice cream.

Mint Condition – A double chocolate delight with satiny chocolate syrup, rich cocoa powder and green mint chips

What is your favorite spring treat?

Do you have a go-to spring treat that we need to know about? Please share them with us by e-mailing

Every Walk of Life: Lemon Drop

lemon drop cookie with ballet slippers

When you’re light on your feet, you want a sweet treat to match. Lemon Drop is a light and fluffy lemon sugar cookie with signature crispy edges and a touch of citrus flavor. Made with all natural lemon extract, it has just the right amount of sweetness without giving you a toothache. This cookie is all about keeping the right balance of sweet to tart and crispy to soft. This makes Lemon Drops the perfect match for those who want to stay balanced. Its light golden color is reminiscent of warm sunshine and makes this cookie a delight for hot summer days as well as cool winter nights. Our Lemon Drop doesn’t get weighed down with any artificial flavors or preservatives, either. With ingredients you could find in your own kitchen, these cookies are baked to taste home-made and deliver the same comfort that mom’s (or dad’s) cookies used to.

National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

Meet Liam…


Liam Witt’s courageous battle with cancer inspired his parents Gretchen and Larry to start Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Tragically, Liam’s nearly 4-year fight with pediatric cancer came to an end in January 2011. During his strong fight, Liam’s favorite cookie was our very own Lemon Drop.

Did you know?

Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease of children in the United States.

Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget goes to all childhood cancers combined, that’s less than one penny.

13,500 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year.

During the entire month of September, Pacific Cookie Company will match up to $500 in Liam’s Lemon Drop sales. Join us and give some change to make a change in a child’s life!

Dressing Up our Cookies – A Delicious Adventure

In the interest of trying something different,  we came up with several variations to using (and enjoying) our cookies without eating them in the most typical fashion. Enjoy the following compilations – and feel free to share your creations on our Facebook page! Enjoy! And Happy New Year to all you cookie lovers!

Snickerdoodle – warm up cookies in microwave or oven and push a Hershey’s Kiss into the center.

Ginger Spice – crush cookies and create a pie crust (follow a recipe similar to a home made graham cracker crust, or check out THIS one).

Lemon Drop – warm up cookies, put a scoop of raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries, and, if your over 21 years of age, add a drizzle of Chambord. A tried and true recipe, compliments of Ashley at Pacific Cookie Company.

Almond Joe – crush cookies and set aside, soften some ice cream, create small ball shapes with an ice cream scoop or your hands, roll ice cream balls in crushed up cookies and then place in freezer.  Your own home made truffles.  HERE’s another recipe, different variation, equally delicious!

Dr. Midnight – break cookies apart in pieces and place around the walls of a frosted cake.  Creates a cool textured look and an unexpected yummy feature.

Mint Condition – crush cookies and put into brownie batter before baking for a minty twist on your basic brownie recipe.

Peanut Butter w/ Chocolate Chip – crush cookies over a bowl of vanilla ice cream; add chocolate syrup and enjoy!

Chocolate Chip – don’t mess with the best, simply enjoy with a glass of milk or cup of coffee.