Healthy Baking Alternatives

Add Health Into Your Baking—It’s Easy

One of my goals for 2021, aside from being more sustainable: eating healthier. I have a huge sweet tooth, and I’m sure other Pacific Cookie Company fans do, too. I’ve never been the type to pass on dessert for the salad. But it got me thinking: how can I fit healthy food into dessert?

After doing my research, I found some food tips and tricks on how to add and replace more indulgent ingredients. Read on for the scoop!

Cream It Up—Minus All That Whole Milk

Milk and cream are filled with fat and calories, even if you’re getting what you think is the lightest. If you’re looking to cut out those calories, you can replace cream and milk with evaporated skim milk for a creamy texture. Another option is regular skim milk—it won’t change the taste, but it will remove the fat.

Sweeten Without Sugar

Sugar isn’t always a horrible thing—why else do we devour cookies so easily?—but too much can cause a variety of health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. So, choose an alternative sweetener. Maple syrup and honey are the usual go-to sugar alternatives, but there are other options, like unsweetened applesauce.

Swap Ultra-Calories for Healthy Stats

There are a bunch of calories in oil and butter, but they’re super important when you’re baking. So, consider some alternatives with less fat and less calories. For example, canned pumpkin only has 100 calories and zero grams of fat per cup; one cup of prune puree has 375 calories, compared to the 1,600 calories in a cup of margarine, and only 183 grams of fat.

Flaxseed is More Than a Supplement

In edible cookie dough, flaxseed is often used in place of egg thanks to its gelatinous qualities. Flaxseed is loaded with nutrients, helping with gut health while filling you with omega-3s. Use these in place of eggs to cut calories—and, like I mentioned, to make that cookie dough you’ve always dreamed of eating raw edible.

You don’t have to give up on enjoying your favorite foods or chow down on things you hate—there are plenty of other nutritious foods out there that will wow your taste buds. And yes, you can always devour our cookies—we won’t tell anyone.