A Day in December 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI walked in to our cookie factory in The Sashmill around 10:00 on Tuesday the 9th of December to bring my husband Larry, my husband and co-founder his cell phone. He often forgets it at home.

I was dressed in black pants, a button-down shirt and a black sweater, a little dressy from my usual attire. Larry was to be honored that day by the Santa Cruz City Council for a Citizenship award.

Our employees were scuttling about in their hairnets and aprons, assembling shipping boxes, filling gift boxes with two dozen of our delicious cookies and tying each box with one of our beautiful holiday ribbons. I hear Larry say, “Hey Shell, can you help tie bows?” “O.K.”, I said, quickly donning a white apron. I forgot to put on a hairnet and someone commented, “I guess as she is the Vice- Pres., she’s allowed to get her hair in the cookies.” So I put on one of our lovely hairnets that do so much for your sense of style, and started in.

Oh My! Working alongside with our packaging crew who are experts at tying bows and have been working here for years and years was a challenge. My bow-tying skills are rusty and I could hardly keep-up the pace. But I was really enjoying working “on the floor” with my wonderful employees instead of saying a quick “hello” on my way to the office up stairs.

The production crew had arrived early that morning to mix the different varieties of dough, hand-scoop the dough drops on cookie trays and bake the many cookies we produce each day. People ask all the time how many cookies we bake. Our answer is, “A lot!”
The packaging crew were assembling 250 boxes each filled with two dozen cookies in a white box tied with a candy cane striped ribbon to be shipped for a corporate account order. One of the many orders we receive each day.

The office staff organizes each web-site order to be baked, packaged and shipped by late afternoon when the FedEx truck arrives for pick-up. They make everything run so smoothly and efficiently. Everyone works very hard and sometimes during a rush to meet time demands they are all in aprons and hairnets because it’s “All hands on Deck!”

So it was time for Larry and I to take off our aprons and try to brush off all the glitter from the bow tying and get to City Hall for Larry to accept his award.

All in all a great day! I want to thank all of our wonderful employees for the hard work they do, not just during the holidays but all year long. I really appreciate your work ethic and dedication.

Thank you all. Shelly
Co-founder and Vice-President of The Pacific Cookie Company

Make A Gift Day

Today is Make a Gift Day! If you’re on a budget this holiday season, we’ve got some excellent gift ideas that you can make with cookie cutters, check out our Pinterest board here:http://www.pinterest.com/pacificcookie/cookie-cutter-crafts/


Cookies in Pictures, Happy Holidays!

The Holiday Season is upon us at Pacific Cookie Company! Hand Scooped with love from us to you.

Happy Holidays!

 photo photo3_zps504f1fe3.jpg

 photo 049b34d0-8414-4401-be52-e5b4bd34d4b2_zpsb4da48e0.jpg

 photo ec02c16d-3862-4f6c-bebc-5b53484a90ea_zpsee9a8be5.jpg

Christmas Throw Backs

Everyone loves a good throwback vintage photo. Luckily for you, we’ve collected a few photos of some of your favorite Pacific Cookie Company employees. In honor of #TBT otherwise known as Thursday Throwback, we thought we would share some of our favorite Christmas memories from the past.

 winter store front 80's

Pacific Cookie Company circa 1985.

cara and stacy elf tbt

Downtown Christmas Parade’s little elves, Cara and Stacy.

stacy and cara presents tbt

Stacy and Cara opening presents on Christmas.


Katie hanging an ornament on her Christmas Tree.


Caitlin from the Wholesale Store dancing with Santa and recreating the Christmas Story snow outfit.


The woman that keeps it together and makes things happen our Retail Bakery downtown: Cher


Taira and her three sisters from the Retail Bakery in Downtown Santa Cruz.


You might recognize this guy around town delivering fresh baked deliciousness: Mike, one of our great delivery drivers.