Guess who’s back, back again?! Cherry Bomb!!!

The moment you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here and and exploding with your favorite delicious flavor! As you all remember, our famous Cherry Bomb is a buttery sugar cookie injected with bursts of dried red tart cherries hailing from the “Cherry Capital of the World” also known as Traverse City, Michigan. This wonderful cherry flavor not only enhances our buttery sugar cookie, but it also delivers an explosion of antioxidants.

Icherrybombnteresting fact: Michigan produces 90,000 tons of montmorency cherries every year, the same cherries we bake in our Cherry Bombs!

This is surely a reason to celebrate! Get your celebration on and head down to our retail bakeries on 1203 Pacific Avenue, in Downtown Santa Cruz  or 2309 Telegraph Ave in Berkeley to get your hands on them while they last, they go fast and are only around for a limited time.

Happy Fourth of July!

My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary every year with a magnificent fireworks show because, you guessed it, we were married on July 4th! The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days of the year – not just because it’s my anniversary – but because I’m a complete sucker for this holiday! Yes, I know that the family barbecues, beach parties, and Piccolo Pete’s are not the real reason we should be celebrating, but it certainly is a great way to celebrate our independence, wouldn’t you say? Every year, I reminisce about the fireworks shows I’ve seen and the ones my family “created” for us kids in the backyard. Yet no Fourth of July party is complete without writing your name in the air with a sparkler or two!

This year, my husband and I will be enjoying our 3rd anniversary on a Napa Wine Tour and a night on the town in the city – San Francisco, that is. We both can’t believe it has already been 3 years – time sure flies! Stay tuned next week for an update on our tour…and maybe a historic review of the wineries we sampled at.

In other news, our Cherry Bomb cookie made its summer debut at our retail store a few weeks back and it’s still goin’ on strong. In fact, stop in at our downtown location on July 4th and pick up your FREE CHERRY BOMB COOKIE (with purchase of one cookie) when you mention you saw it on our blog! You might even pick up a few dozens to bring along to your July 4th barbecue to enjoy with family and friends – share a taste of Santa Cruz!

Happy Independence Day to all our Pacific Cookie Lovers – enjoy the beautiful weather, and a FREE COOKIE too!



It’s a cookie explosion!

Just in time for the 4th of July weekend, we’re rolling out a brand new cookie: Cherry Bomb! Our Cherry Bomb is a buttery sugar cookie punctuated with bursts of dried Montmorency cherries. The retail store is lighting, oops, I mean baking the first Cherry Bombs right now and will keeping the cookie explosion going all summer long.

To add to the excitement, we are happy to announce that starting this Friday, July 2nd, Cahootz (white chocolate & macadamia nuts) and MacChunk (semi-sweet chocolate & macadamia nut) will be rejoining our cookie family. Earlier this year the price of macadamia nuts rose from $2.99/lb to $6.82/lb (a 128% price increase!). Try as we might, we were unable to source any high quality macadamia nuts at a sustainable price and were forced to temporarily discontinue these two cookies from our line. Now, a new crop of macadamia nuts has become available and we’ve finally sourced some quality nuts at a reasonable price. We’re all excited to see these yummy cookies back in our store where they belong and we want to thank our loyal Cahootz and MacChunk fans for their patience and understanding.

Cahootz, MacChunk, and Cherry Bomb? Now that’s an explosion of deliciousness if I ever saw one.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!