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Behind The Cookie

Welcome Mila!

Cara had a baby girl Wednesday, March 25th, at 8:12 pm. Mila (Mee’ lah) Catherineanne Conn weighed in at 7lbs 15oz, about a half pound bigger than her sister, Lily. This little one has lit us all up, but probably no one more than her papa, James. Without any forewarning …

Metro Santa Cruz Goldie Awards

Metro SantaCruz, our local tabloid known for its in-depth reporting of issues of concern to Santa Cruzans and regarded as reflective of the progressive nature of our town, annually runs a readers’ poll to determine the “Best of Santa Cruz.” The awards are known as Goldies. This year’s poll was …

Cara’s 2nd due soon

I know waiting is supposed to be the hardest part, but this is kind of fun. Cara, my daughter and VP, is on maternity leave. She’s due March 20th but everything points to the next 15 minutes. She and James don’t know if the new one will be a boy …