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Behind The Cookie

Behind The Cookie

Alternatives to Nuts

Whether you have an allergy or can’t eat nuts thanks to a diet, you’re in luck: there are alternatives to your classic walnuts and pistachios. These will also save you from missing a crunch, so you’ll have texture amid the soft. These are our favorite substitutes! Seeds If you crave …

Cookies and Cocktails

Everyone loves a good cookie, and all adults love a good cocktail. At restaurants, you’re given your drink, then brought out dessert… but if you’re home, you definitely don’t have to follow this. Our cookies pair perfectly with your favorite alcoholic drinks, and we thought we’d give you the best …

Bakeware Splurges

If you’re a serious baker, then you know that quality equipment is necessary – simple mixers won’t cut it when you’re baking all sorts of pastries, cookies, and more. If you’re hoping to find your dream items, I’m here for you: I’ve got the top splurges you need in order …