Where do cookies come from?

Have you ever wondered how your cookie order gets from the internet to your door? There is some special magic (and a lot of love) that go into baking, packaging, and shipping your cookie order.

Here’s a little peek:

Our customer service team receives your order, tells our production crew how many cookies to make, and brings packing slips to our packaging crew.

Our business office and wholesale bakery in Santa Cruz, CA.

Larry & Shelly Pearson, the Pacific Cookie Company founders, smile after 30 years in business.

The production crew gets busy mixing, scooping, and baking. On an average day, we produce about 1,000 dozen cookies; at our peak in December 2010 we produced over 2,300 dozen in one day (we had some very tired cookie elves after that!).

Cookies ready for the oven.

When we say handmade, we really mean it: everyone of these cookies were scooped by hand. The snickerdoodles pictured are being rolled in cinnamon and sugar before being baked.

After the cookies are cool to the touch, our packaging crew put them in sleeves, nestle them in decorative shred, and wrap them in the packaging of your choice. Our packaging ladies are masters of bow tying and make sure every gift is packed carefully to arrive looking beautiful.

Putting the finishing touches on a Zen Something Sweet gift box.

Completed package ready to be picked up by FedEx.

Our wonderful FedEx drivers come by every evening to pick up the cookies that were baked and packaged that day. Then they are in the safe hands of FedEx and on their way to the lucky recipient.