It’s the First Day of Spring!

It’s the First Day of Spring!

Spring has sprung and we can’t be more excited! With the crisp change in the air, we thought we’d highlight a couple of cookies that make great Spring-time treats.

Lemon Drop

Looking for a sweet and zesty treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Our Lemon Drop cookie is sure to do the trick! Made with pure lemon extract, we’re certain this tangy cookie will hit your taste buds in all the right places.

Enjoy with a glass of milk or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you want to cross over to the dark tart side, we suggest pairing with a scoop of your favorite fruit sorbet or sherbet.

Lemon Drop – a tangy variation of the classic sugar cookie made with creamery butter and pure lemon extract.

Mint Condition

If you’re a fan of our Dr. Midnight (triple chocolate cookie), you’ll know we make a cool variation which we call Mint Condition. Made with chocolate syrup and cocoa powder, this cookie is perfect for all the chocoholics out there. To freshen things up, we add green mint chips to the mix. Think Mint Chip ice cream in the form of a cookie!

Whether it’s the minty taste or the green chips, this cookie is a favorite among kids! Pair with your favorite chocolate or mint chip ice cream.

Mint Condition – A double chocolate delight with satiny chocolate syrup, rich cocoa powder and green mint chips

What is your favorite spring treat?

Do you have a go-to spring treat that we need to know about? Please share them with us by e-mailing

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re celebrating with your gals, pals or your sweetie, Valentine’s Day is here and we are feelin’ the love! We are also admiring all the heart shaped pizzas, chocolates, pancakes and bacon (yes, bacon). All this heart shaped food inspired us to create our very own lovable Valentine’s Day cookie!

Cookie decorating not at it’s finest…

Decorative cookies are certainly not our forte, but we had a fun time putting this together! Our first attempt was not very successful. We won’t bore you with that photo (picture a big chocolate chip cookie blob). We realized we needed a heart shaped pan to avoid spreading. Cue in the Target run!

Heart Cookie Pan, $4.99 from Target.

We found a heart shaped cookie pan at Target and picked up cookie frosting to decorate. We also may or may not have strolled through the clothes, shoes, makeup – D’OH sorry back to cookies! We kept it simple with white and pink frosting, but if you want to try this at home, let your creative juices flow! You can find lots of cake decorating tools at your local grocery store, and if you’re in a rush, pick up ready-to-bake cookie dough! This makes for a great last minute Valentine’s Day dessert.

What will we do for the next holiday?

We were impressed with everyone’s Valentine’s Day themed foods and can’t wait to see what people have in store for upcoming holidays. With Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter in the line-up, we know people will get creative! Stay tuned to see what we come up with 😉

Happy National Cookie Day!

Hip – Hip – Hooray, It’s National Cookie Day!
National Cookie Day is upon us and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate!

Today is the day we get to gather with family, friends, and co-workers and indulge in some of life’s sweet, sweet offerings.  But, have you ever stopped and wondered just where did cookies come from? I know, it’s very hard to think of anything else when you bite into one of those chewy, warm, crispy, delicious, chocolatey – Wait, what was I saying…Ah, Yes! The history of the cookie! There is much speculation as to just where the cookie came from.
Especially, when there are many, many variations from all over the world!
In Australia and England, right around tea time you can find the tasty and crispy biscuits. Let’s head over to Mexico and Spain, here we might catch kids sneaking off with galletas before dinner, and in Italy where we can find people with coffee and Amaretti or Biscotti.

Biscuits with Tea.
Galletas and Pan Dulce.

And of course, we mustn’t forget about Holland. Here is where most people think the word cookie came from, Koekjes (cook-yuhs) which means “small cakes” or “flat cakes” have been served in Holland since the 1600s.

It is quite clear that the world loves cookies! Long before kitchen timers and “take and bake” dough, the world was a complicated place. According to culinary historians, the first ever record of cookies were actually their use as “test cakes”. Bakers would pour dollops of cake batter on baking pans and put them in theirs ovens to test the oven’s temperature.

This makes me especially grateful for our downtown store this time of year. There you can find our gluten-free cookies, coconut macaroons and anyone of our 14 decadent cookie flavors (I personally suggest Dr. Midnight). All without having to crack one egg! A great place to pick up cookies for Santa or get a quick pick-me-up after some intense holiday shopping at the Pacific Garden Mall.

With the holidays quickly approaching, you can count on Pacific Cookie Company to cover you on gifts. You don’t even have to leave your home! Just visit our online store at and browse through our Holiday selections. There you can find a great local gift the whole family can enjoy (sharing not guaranteed).

Happy National Cookie Day!!!
-Pacific Cookie Company

Oh the Places our Cookies Will Go…

Summer is all about seeking adventure, and what’s better than exploring our own backyard? There are several places in Santa Cruz to sight see (the most obvious being the beach), yet I always forget about the beautiful mountains we are surrounded by. I quickly made a list of hiking spots I wanted to visit. My first stops were Big Basin and Castle Rock (UH-MAZING views of Santa Cruz mountains). While there are more places on my list, there was one in particular I have dreamed of exploring and it’s a wee bit outside of Santa Cruz…Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park

To many surprise, I had never been to Yosemite. I know it’s a bucket list destination, so I thought this summer was the perfect time to go. I pitched the idea to a dear friend of mine and I was thrilled when she said she was on board! We set a date and I began counting down the days! The night before our trip, we made a quick stop to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and fresh produce for our sandwiches (my friend and I both have a sweet tooth, so of course I brought cookies!). We called it a night, knowing we were going to start our day early.

Early morning came and I was eager to get on the road. We put on our hiking gear, loaded up our backpacks and we were on our way! Once we reached Mariposa County, I knew we were getting closer. The drive down the valley was absolutely beautiful! We hadn’t even made it to the park entrance and I wanted to stop at every turn to take a picture. The sound of the water flowing down the Merced River was so soothing and tranquil. I couldn’t wait for everything else that was to come!

Yosemite Falls

We made it to the park just before 8 AM and parked near Yosemite Falls. I was in awe of my surroundings – sky high rocks, the fresh smell of pine trees and the soft sound of distant waterfalls. We took a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the valley floor and Yosemite Falls.

Vernal Falls – Mist Trail

We decided to hike to the top of Vernal Falls via the Mist Trail. The trail was no walk in the park (pun intended). While the views were breathtaking, it was definitely a workout! The last half mile is quite steep, with over 600 granite rock steps! At this part of the trail, you will learn first hand why it is called the Mist Trail. With temps in the mid 90’s, the drizzle of Vernal Falls felt cool and refreshing. We were enjoying the mist, so we paused for a quick power snack.

It was so rewarding making it to the top of the waterfall. Having close to no hiking experience, it was quite the accomplishment and I felt an instant sense of peace and relaxation. The panoramic views were like a painting – something you think you can only see in a museum and cannot touch, yet there we were admiring every piece of it with all our senses.

View from top of Vernal Falls

After our hike, we ate our lunch and decided to explore the valley floor which included peaceful meadows, distant views of Half Dome and lots of squirrels! We learned so much about this historic park by visiting the Yosemite Museum, Yosemite Village and the Ansel Adams Gallery (and of course made a pit stop to the gift shop!).

Until the next visit, Yosemite!

I cannot describe enough how beautiful Yosemite is, and how much MORE there is to explore! I am so eager to go again. If you have not been, I encourage you to go like right now! It is SO worth the drive and SO fulfilling for your soul. My suggestions: get there early, pack lots of snacks and water, and take LOTS of pictures!