We’ve had a heck of a run in Berkeley. We’ve had a wonderful response from our customers to our cookies and to our wonderful staff. We’ve made ourselves a part of the broader Berkeley community, as we followed our company commitment to supporting organizations that serve people in need, such as Camp Kesem and the Berkeley Food Pantry.

Unfortunately, we’ve not been as successful as we had hoped or needed to be. We are closing our Berkeley bakery next Friday the 11th and will re-direct our focus to our vibrant and growing retail and wholesale business in Santa Cruz. We will continue to serve several wholesale accounts in Berkeley and the surrounding area, so you’ll probably still see our vans and our cookies in the area, but not at 2309 Telegraph Avenue.

We will miss deeply the relationships we’ve enjoyed with Cal Rec (and the annual craziness of Caltopia), the Undergraduate Marketing Association, our marketing interns Dominique, Matt and Charlotte, fellow merchants,  Cal staff, visitors to the area, and our remarkable original manager, Vanessa. Our staff will miss the amazing Cal students who shared their dances, poems, rap lyrics, and love notes with us. No day was ever boring, for sure.

Most of all we will miss our staff. Our manager, Shamika, our assistant manager, Camille are warm and talented people who will be blessings to new employers. Our bakers and servers will easily find positions where hard work and dedication are required. These cherished associations will be our takeaway from our 3 years of baking in Berkeley.

Thank you, Berkeley. You will always be in our hearts.

The Pearson Family



Savory Cookie Recipes (that we’ve actually tried)

I know we’ve all had the thought, “How can I get MORE cookies in my life?”

No? Just me?

Well, even if you don’t share my cookie passion, you have to admit that the idea of savory cookies piqued your interest. If you were just as intrigued as me but didn’t know where to start, look no further! These recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your cookie craving while giving your sweet tooth a rest.

Savory Cookie #1: Parmesan and Thyme Rosemary Cookies

Inspired by Adeline Borra’s recipe, I switched the thyme with rosemary because I have a rosemary plant in my yard (and didn’t want to go searching for fresh thyme). These cookies are crumbly and cheesy and AMAZING. A friend described them as tasting “like Cheezits, but legit.” Legit, indeed.

rosemary_parmesan_savory_cookie_5680_4x5   rosemary_parmesan_savory_cookie_5692_4x5

Savory Cookie #2: Olive Oil Cookies

You may notice a suspicious lack of photos accompanying this recipe. There’s a reason for that. They’re pretty darn ugly. Next time I might switch the red wine with white wine or just go all out and add some red food coloring. The cookies weren’t all that savory but they were still tasty – sort of like a sourdough pancake pretending to be a cookie. I just happened to have some Pinot Cherries from Friend in Cheeses Jam Co that went quiet well with these ugly cookies.


More savory cookie experiments to come (including one with seaweed)!