Every Walk of Life: Snickerdoodle

snickerdoodle cookies and fun red heels

A classic with a spicy kick of cinnamon! Snickerdoodle is the tasteful cookie with a delightfully silly name. Our sweet sugar cookie dough is dressed in an alluring mix of cinnamon and sugar to create a sweet, aromatic treat. With a playful name like Snickerdoodle, this isn’t a cookie that takes itself too seriously. Unlike those other Snickerdoodles that crumble under pressure, ours holds it’s own with characteristically crisp edges that guard its soft and comforting center.┬áThis cookie is a real crowd-pleaser. It’s a cookie that has a reputation for being beloved among people of all ages. This cookie may be a little old-school but that doesn’t stop it from dazzling our taste buds!

Every Walk of Life: Almond Joe

cowboy boots and almond joe cookies

As rugged and rich as it gets; Almond Joe is one-of-a-kind! A round-up of chocolate, almonds and coconut give this cookie its unique flavor and texture. Although it is inspired by Hershey’s Almond Joy candy, this cookie has a personality that’s all its own. Our Almond Joe cookie is a little more subdued in coconut flavor compared to its candy counterpart. A hefty handful of almonds make it a little rough around the edges but you can rely on a generous helping of chocolate chips to sweeten the deal. Almond Joe brings you both protein and fiber to keep you kicking and it’s tasty to boot! It’s a surprisingly popular cookie and a staff favorite around these parts. The perfect cookie to partner up with for stroll down a long country road. Get ready to make a new friend in Almond Joe!

Every Walk of Life: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

fireman boots and hat with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Hard work should be rewarded with something extra sweet. Our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies satisfy two cookie cravings in one. A dream team of crunchy peanut butter and smooth chocolate chips make this one exceptional cookie. With loads of protein-packed peanut butter, this cookie provides energy when you need to give it your all. The added bonus of Guittard semi-sweet chocolate works to support the crumbly cookie dough and adds a bit of character. While peanut butter cookies are wonderful on their own, chocolate is what makes this cookie a superstar. When you need something to power you up for a hard day’s work, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is sure to get you going!

Every Walk of Life: Mint Condition

rain boots and mint condition cookies

Being stuck inside on a rainy day is tough for any kid (and it ain’t easy for adults, either). One of the few comforts you get on gloomy days like this is the smell of fresh-baked cookies. Our Mint Condition cookie brings some extra fun to the table with bright green, minty chips splattered throughout its rich, chocolatey dough. Our wildest looking cookie also packs tons of yummy flavor. The magical combination of fresh mint and sweet chocolate make this cookie a family favorite. The dazzling look of those bright mint chips often draws the attention of young ones while the nostalgic flavor keeps everyone coming back for more. If you want to bring some cheer to your day, then Mint Condition is the cookie you’re looking for. It’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser!