Cara’s 2nd due soon

I know waiting is supposed to be the hardest part, but this is kind of fun. Cara, my daughter and VP, is on maternity leave. She’s due March 20th but everything points to the next 15 minutes. She and James don’t know if the new one will be a boy or a girl, but their 3-yr old daughter, Lily, knows it’s a girl. I think so, too. EVERYONE else thinks it’s going to be a boy.
Cara’s had a very nice pregnancy, after the usual rocky start. She’s kept in great shape, she’s completed her nesting (thank God), and her birth support group is in place. Lily is pretty much on board, but we’re a little concerned about her sharing center stage. Lily has already claimed the tyke as hers. Boy or girl, it’s gonna have to be tough.
Cara’s sister, Stacy, and Ryan have a total boy-child, Ivan, 1 1/2. The love of his life (after his beautiful mother, his nanna, and his granddad, of course) is LILY. He is so totally captivated by her that he hardly feels the beating she occasionally rains down on him. Lily owns Ivan, calls him her “buddy boy.” Ivan hasn’t gotten the idea of a new cousin, but he’s such a happy, social kid that we know he’ll enjoy the heck out of it.
So the waiting is deliciously hard. Go, Cara! I’ll post the results.