Happy National Cookie Day!

Hip – Hip – Hooray, It’s National Cookie Day!
National Cookie Day is upon us and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate!

Today is the day we get to gather with family, friends, and co-workers and indulge in some of life’s sweet, sweet offerings.  But, have you ever stopped and wondered just where did cookies come from? I know, it’s very hard to think of anything else when you bite into one of those chewy, warm, crispy, delicious, chocolatey – Wait, what was I saying…Ah, Yes! The history of the cookie! There is much speculation as to just where the cookie came from.
Especially, when there are many, many variations from all over the world!
In Australia and England, right around tea time you can find the tasty and crispy biscuits. Let’s head over to Mexico and Spain, here we might catch kids sneaking off with galletas before dinner, and in Italy where we can find people with coffee and Amaretti or Biscotti.

Biscuits with Tea.
Galletas and Pan Dulce.

And of course, we mustn’t forget about Holland. Here is where most people think the word cookie came from, Koekjes (cook-yuhs) which means “small cakes” or “flat cakes” have been served in Holland since the 1600s.

It is quite clear that the world loves cookies! Long before kitchen timers and “take and bake” dough, the world was a complicated place. According to culinary historians, the first ever record of cookies were actually their use as “test cakes”. Bakers would pour dollops of cake batter on baking pans and put them in theirs ovens to test the oven’s temperature.

This makes me especially grateful for our downtown store this time of year. There you can find our gluten-free cookies, coconut macaroons and anyone of our 14 decadent cookie flavors (I personally suggest Dr. Midnight). All without having to crack one egg! A great place to pick up cookies for Santa or get a quick pick-me-up after some intense holiday shopping at the Pacific Garden Mall.

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Happy National Cookie Day!!!
-Pacific Cookie Company

Calling all Brides and Grads, June is here!

June is here, and you know what that means, wedding and graduation season is upon us!

We’re here to help sweeten up your special day

During this time of year, Pacific Cookie Company receives oodles of orders from excited parents and soon to be newlyweds in anticipation of their special occasions. We could not be more thrilled to help make those life events a little sweeter! During these special occasions, we understand that there are many tasks to take care of — from sending out invitations, making reservations, gathering long distance relatives, finding that special something to wear, ahhh, it all adds up! However, with the fresh smell of our carefully crafted cookies in the air, it is easy to turn that Bridezilla into a smooth chilla’ or that Ga-Ga Grad into a Diplomatic Darlin’.


Choose from our delicious varieties

Don’t you worry about pleasing everyone’s sweet tooth. We have 13 amazing flavors to choose from!  Do you have a lot of friends and family? Why not try a little of each? The bouquet won’t be the only thing guests will be fighting over. Our cookies add flare to any dessert table! Any chocolate enthusiasts attending the festivities? Chocolate lovers beware, Dr. Midnight will cure that sweet tooth! Want something a little traditional? Try our Snickerdoodle or Oatmeal Raisin. Want to shake things up a bit? Take our Mint Condition (with GREEN mint-chips) for a spin! Whether they are walking down the aisle to “Pomp and Circumstance” or “Here Comes the Bride” we’d love to wish them all a big Congratulations on this next chapter in their lives and thank them for including us on their special day! Cheers!