Products That Will Solve Minor Kitchen Problems

You have the mixer, you have the sheets, you have the cookie scoops. All of these make your life easier! But there are some issues that are just… well, annoying. I’m constantly looking for products that will make my kitchen life easier, so I did a search, and I found products and upgrades that will change the way you bake. Read on for my favorite picks!

Magnetic Knife Holder

Don’t place your metal baking utensils in a drawer or high in a cabinet. This magnetic strip will hold all of your metal baking tools, including knives and icing spatulas, so you no longer have to dig through cupboards to find the right attachments for your mixer.

Floating Wall Shelf

If you love a rustic feel within your home, this shelf fits right into the aesthetic. It comes with eight S-hooks for any utensils, pots, or pans, and it doubles as a paper towel holder should you remove the hooks. The shelf is a fashionable bonus.

Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack

I am so tired of digging through pots, pans, racks, and muffin tins to find my favorite cookie sheet. That’s why I’m obsessed with this adjustable rack. I can place all of my baking items here and see and grab them easily, rather than rifling through a pile of metal.

X-Chef Kitchen Rail with 15 S Hooks

The floating shelf is nice, but sometimes you need more. Each rack has 15 S-hooks, and it comes in a pack of two – yep, I just said that $28 will give you 30 S-hooks. If that’s too many, feel free to remove as many as you want, but we have a feeling your space-saving self will be using them all.

Over The Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

I hate things that take up precious kitchen space. So much. When I didn’t have a dishwasher, I had to use a dish rack that sat permanently next to the sink, and it seriously cramped my style. This roll-up dish drying rack is there when you need it, and gone when you don’t. Where was this when I needed one?

Adjustable Expandable 4 Tier Steel Spice Rack 

My spice drawer is a mess – just being honest – so this spice rack is serious eye candy to me. It’s expandable, from 13 ¼ inches to 26 ½ inches, meaning it can fit in your drawer no matter how narrow it is. The bottom four tiers have 4 ½ inches of space, and the top has about 2 inches, but the slant stops them from blocking your drawers.

What kitchen items have made your life easier? Tell us below!

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