Cookies and Cocktails

Everyone loves a good cookie, and all adults love a good cocktail. At restaurants, you’re given your drink, then brought out dessert… but if you’re home, you definitely don’t have to follow this. Our cookies pair perfectly with your favorite alcoholic drinks, and we thought we’d give you the best ones to pair with each cookie. Read on for the best (boozy) dessert you’ll ever have – promise.

Chocolate Chip & Cabernet

Cabernet goes perfectly with chocolate chip cookies because they’re both decadent. The black fruit notes will complement the chocolate chips, while the acidity will cut excess sweetness.

Cahootz & Champagne

White chocolate is the lightest chocolate (fun fact: it doesn’t even contain cocoa!), and champagne’s white cherry will add to the sweetness, while the orange zest cuts through the sweetness for a hint of citrus.

Almond Joe & Amaretto

The Almond Joe is an homage to the Almond Joy bar, featuring milk chocolate and toasted almonds. The Almond Atholl Brose feature amaretto liqueur, oat milk, and cream, adding a creaminess to the pairing.

Dr. Midnight & Kahlúa

Combining coffee and chocolate is easily one of the best pairings. The rich chocolate in Dr. Midnight mixes with the rum and coffee in Kahlüa, creating a rich, deep dessert.

Chocolate Chip w/ Walnuts & Bourbon Lifts

If you’re a fan of trail mix, then this pairing is for you. Chocolate chips and almonds go well together, as do almonds and walnuts, so combine the three with bourbon for a “lift” in spirits.

Ginger Spice & Moscow Mules

Moscow Mules have a tiny bit of ginger beer in them, but there’s just enough for a Ginger Spice cookie to solidify the taste and make it sing. Vodka and lime take a backseat but still give some oomph.

Mint Condition & Mojitos

You can’t go wrong with drinking a mojito with Mint Condition, because those mint leaves will mesh well with the mint chips in our cookies. Add a drop of honey syrup to bring out the chocolate, too.

Oatmeal Raisin & Tennessee Whiskey

The maple flavor in Tennessee Whiskey has a little spice, too. If you haven’t had whisky oatmeal porridge, you sneak a taste with this drink and cookie pairing – delicious when you’re looking to kick back.

Snickerdoodle & Moscato

Low in alcohol with a hint of sweet nectarine, peach, and orange, the cinnamon in your snickerdoodles will stand out and strengthen the flavor profiles. This is perfect if you’re looking to slowly sip with your cookie.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & Stout Beer

We couldn’t write this list without mentioning beer, of course! Stouts are a versatile base, allowing for different flavors to be mixed in. Made from malts and bitter chocolate, both will pair with the peanuts and, of course, chocolate.

Peanut Butter & Tallulahs

Jack and Cokes are classic, and you can update the drink with a dash of peanut syrup. The nuttiness in the drink will sing when paired with our Peanut Butter cookie, and the coke is an interesting add.

Lemon Drop & Lemon Drops

This one is pretty obvious, we know, but it’s highly recommended! The lemon and light sugar in in each pair well with one another, and the vodka adds a little adult edge to the indulgence.

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  1. I LOVE this! I am feeling pretty stale in my usual tequila and soda cocktail so this is definitely inspiring. The mojito with mint condition sounds like a good fit for this hot day.

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