Alternatives to Dairy

Dairy can hit the system hard, causing stomachaches galore. Be it a sensitivity or full-blown lactose intolerance, it may seem like cookies are no longer an option. But we’re here with good news: you can still bite into a cookie without the pain! All it takes are some substitutions in your fridge and a little creativity. We’re here to start you off.

Flaxseed ≠ Eggs

If eggs are your biggest worry, try flaxseed instead. This ingredient mimics the gelatinous texture that eggs have, so you don’t need that dairy-filled yolk in there. Fun fact: this substitution also allows you to eat your cookie dough raw, a dream we’ve always had yet never tried thanks to salmonella.

Alternative Milks ≠ Dairy Milks

There are so many new types of milk to use instead of your usual dairy milk: oat milk, almost milk, cashew milk… the list goes on. The classics: soy milk and coconut milk. Soy milk has just as much protein as dairy milk and is the most common suggestion, while coconut milk has the same creamy texture as cow’s milk. Ultimately, it comes down to preference—both work.

Oil ≠ Butter

You can use plant-based margarine, but if you’re looking for something more natural, oil should be your go-to. Coconut oil is a 1:1 substitution, though you might want to add a dash of salt to cut out the sweetness. And avocado oil is perfect for baking, because it’s filled with the fat a cookie may be missing from the removal of butter.

Blended Fruits ≠ Yogurt

A popular replacement for dairy-based yogurt is coconut-based yogurt, made by blending coconut milk with a sweetener, like powdered sugar or maple syrup (we wrote about some substitutions for sugar, if you’re looking for an alternative). The creamy texture mimics that of yogurt, creating a silky-smooth consistency to mix into your dry ingredients.

Just because you can’t have milk doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in cookies! What do you use in place of dairy? Let us know below.

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  1. Another great alternative is rice milk! I’ve been hearing a lot about oat milk recently, I’ll have to give that a try 🙂

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