What to do with Burnt Cookies

It happens to the best of us—you turn your back for a minute too long and your cookies are burnt. But just because they’re a little charred doesn’t mean you have to throw them out! There are still many delicious ways to use the cookies. Here are our favorite ways to reuse them:

Try Saving Them

Rather than throw in the towel the minute the bottoms are black, you can try scraping off the burnt bits. Take a knife or grater and carefully scratch away at the dark spots. Sometimes, cookies can be salvaged if they’re only slightly burnt, so don’t panic right away.

Use as a Crust

Needing a pie crust? Throw your cookies in a food processor, add some butter, and voila: you have one. Cheesecake is another perfect dessert that could benefit from cookies. Try unique combinations; for example, peanut butter cookies as a crust for an Oreo cake, or salted caramel cookies for a chocolate cheesecake slice.

Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

If your cookies are only barely burnt, then their crunch will be delicious when sandwiching ice cream. Simply grate off the most charred bits! You can add some oomph by decorating with toppings to the ice cream and cookies—think dipped in chocolate or covered in sprinkles.

Crumble ‘Em Up

The easiest way to use burnt cookies is in a crumble. You can either throw the cookies in the food processor or crumble by hand, then sprinkle them on top of ice cream, iced cupcakes, and other desserts for a satisfying crunch factor.

Long story short: don’t throw your cookies straight into the trash because you assume you can’t eat them. Try any of the above and enjoy that chocolate chip cookie you were about to miss out on.

4 thoughts on “What to do with Burnt Cookies”

  1. I love the idea of turning burnt cookies into a pie crust! While I hope I do not burn any cookies any time soon, I will give that a try 🙂

  2. I think the idea of using the cookie crumbs for ice cream or cupcake topping is a great, and I will definitely give it a try. These ideas are wonderful and will work even if I don’t burn my next batch of cookies!

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