Top 5 Tips New Bakers Should Know

So you want to start baking—awesome! Baking is one of the most fun things to do, be it to pass the time (we’ve all seen the amount of bread baked during COVID), to bring deliciousness to a pot luck, or to simply enjoy a batch of cookies on your own (we won’t judge).

There is a lot to learn with baking, and most of it will come from trial and error. You live and you learn, right? But there are important tips you should keep in mind when you’re just starting out. We’ve compiled a list of five. Now, get baking!

Follow the recipe to a T.

What the recipe says, do. Baking is a bunch of chemical reactions, and you need to be precise when following directions for the chemical reactions to go as planned and give you the proper cookies. For example: melted butter is not the same as softened butter. (We even wrote an article about this!)

Add flour to your extra ingredients.

If you’re baking cookies, you might face add-ins, like nuts or fruit, sinking to the bottom. The same goes for cakes and pies. The solution: rubbing the add-ins with flour. The flour helps them hold their own and maintain a steady position during the baking process.

Weigh your ingredients.

This is most important for flour, because it’s the main ingredient in your baked goods. Measuring by volume (cups, tablespoons, etc.) isn’t always super precise and consistent between batches, so making sure your ingredients are to-the-gram correct can help you come out with perfect baked goods each time.

Invest in an oven thermometer.

Sure, your oven says it’s at 350º, but is it really? Some ovens may over- or under-state where they are temp wise, and this can affect how your cookies bake. Luckily, oven thermometers are affordable! An extra tip: keep the oven closed. Each time you open it, heat escapes, lowering the temp.

Use parchment paper or non-stick silicone baking sheets.

Aside from making it easier to transfer from off a baking pan onto a wire rack to cool, these items can help you to avoid the bottoms sticking to the sheet—even if it’s greased. They can also cause your cookies to spread. These baking mats are perfect for cookies!

Do you have any tips for aspiring bakers? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. I love the suggestion to weigh your ingredients! It is such a bummer to have all of your delicious add-ins sink to the bottom when you want to show off your creation. Thanks for the helpful tip!

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