How To Fix your Cookie Dough

Baking cookies isn’t always as easy as following a recipe. Sometimes, the ingredients just won’t seem to come together. Or they do… just not as you’d hoped. A common issue: thin, runny cookie dough. So, how do you fix this? We’ve got the (cookie) scoop.

Add More of the Dry Ingredients

Accidentally added more milk than you meant to? Been there! The easiest way to thicken it: adding more of the other ingredients. You still want to keep everything proportional, but upping the amount of dry ingredients will help thicken the dough. So, if you added four tablespoons of milk rather than two, balance out the recipe with the other ingredients.

Add Flour

Don’t be heavy-handed with flour—It WILL thicken, and it will thicken quick. You can always add flour, but you can’t take it out! Stir 1/4 cup at a time into your dough slowly until the dough reaches the consistency you wish for. Make sure to add some sugar—it helps with the chemical aspects of baking, and it’ll help you avoid the strong flour-y taste.

Repurpose Your Dough

If cookies just don’t seem to be on the horizon for you, there are always other ways to eat cookie dough! Spread out the thin dough on a baking sheet, bake until it’s solid then break it up and turn it into a crumbled topping for ice cream, cupcakes, peppermint bars… whatever else you love to make. It’ll taste good, and you won’t notice the different texture.

You don’t always have to throw away a batch of dough if it’s too thin – just try the above. Do you know any other tricks for thin dough? Let us know on our socials: @pacificcookiecompanysantacruz

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