How to Decorate Cookies

There’s nothing better than cookies fresh out of the oven. The fun part: decorating! There are plenty of ways to do this—icing, fondant, sprinkles—and many techniques, too. So, if you’re looking to jazz up your cookies, consider the below!

1. Icing

Use a piping bag when you’re decorating. It’s easier to evenly decorate, because you can control how much and how fast icing comes out. If you want to have even more support, consider a coupler. It’s a plastic tool that secures the tip onto the bag. Spilling, be gone.

If there are air bubbles in your icing, gently use a toothpick to pop them. That way, your cookies will have the perfect finish. And use gel food coloring rather than liquid—they won’t change the texture of the icing.

2. Cinnamon, Sugar, and Sprinkles

For cookies with toppings like cinnamon and sugar, like snickerdoodles, roll frozen dough into balls—the butter needs to solidify for this—and then cover in cinnamon and sugar. Bake them for the usual amount of time, then let them cool fully before diving in.

For sprinkles, fold them into the dough prior to baking. If you only want them on top, gently press them in with your fingers. This way, they’ll stick properly.

3. Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

Chocolate-dipped cookies are easy. But first, you have to know a little bit about how to mix it. Basically: warm up half of your chocolate, then mix in the rest until it’s totally melted. The heat will melt the excess, and it’ll set more evenly. After you dip your cookies, place them on parchment paper to cool until the chocolate has hardened. Then dig in! There are many more ways to decorate your cookies, but here is a start! Not looking to start from scratch? Consider stopping by Pacific Cookie Company. We’ll have the perfect cookies to dip into that delicious chocolate.

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  1. Good tip on melting the chocolate! I’m going to try that at home…chocolate dipped cookies are my personal fave 🙂

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