Cooking With Chocolate

There’s nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie. Or a cookie dipped in chocolate. Or baking with chocolate. Okay, basically: chocolate is the best and belongs in everything. (We even wrote a blog about it!)

But do different chocolates melt differently? How do you stop the chocolate from melting so quickly? We’ve got the answers here.

Different Types of Chocolate

As you know, there’s dark, milk, and white chocolate. So, what’s the difference, aside from taste? Not much, but things you should know:

White chocolate has the least amount of cocoa, and more sugar and milk. Basically, it’s the least healthy of chocolates.

Milk chocolate is middle of the road. There’s more cocoa butter and solids, but it’s still not the healthiest for you, because it contains so much milk (as evidenced by the name) and sugar. These mixed together make the creamy chocolate we know and love.

Finally, dark chocolate: the healthiest of all, with many studies based on its benefits. Dark chocolate contains the most cocoa, ranging from 7-%-100%–the darker you go, the healthier it is. 

Also, the melting temperature lowers as you get lighter with your chocolate. So, white chocolate melts faster than dark chocolate. Make sure you monitor and properly heat your chocolate so it doesn’t burn. A rule of thumb: chocolate should never reach more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tempering Chocolate

Tempering chocolate is crucial when dipping into it. If you don’t temper your chocolate, you run the risk of bumpy, melt-y consistency. 

To temper chocolate, find yourself a double boiler (shop local, with Amazon as your last resort). Heat water up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit—you don’t want it to boil. Then, place chocolate in the top pan. Stir until it’s melted thoroughly. Dip away!

Chocolate Bars Vs. Chocolate Chips

If you’re gonna bake with chocolate, it may be tempting to just use chocolate chips. But chocolate chips usually have more fatty, waxy ingredients in it, and you won’t get the rich taste of chocolate. Chocolate bars, on the other hand, are purer and will have a more concentrated amount of chocolate taste to it, thanks to its cocoa content and lack of other fats aside from cocoa butter.

Overall, cooking with chocolate is delicious when done right. What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Let us know at @pacificcookiecompanysantacruz!

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