Cookie of the Month Club – Are you Ready to Join?

Cookie of the Month

Is one box of cookies just not enough? Then consider joining our Cookie of the Month Club: A monthly subscription of fresh baked cookies! Each month we’ll highlight one of our delicious flavors and send them directly to your doorstep! We offer 3-Month, 6-Month and 12-Month subscriptions – depending on your cookie needs. Our subscriptions also make great gifts! Whether you’re sending a birthday gift or a college care package, the recipient will appreciate the sweet gesture.

3 Months

Our 3-Month subscription is the perfect introduction to our heavenly cookies.

In fact, it makes a great care package for your son or daughter who is away at college! What better way to make them feel at home than with a box full of fresh baked cookies?! We suggest an Autumn subscription, such as September through November, so they can snuggle up in their dorm room with our delectable delights! The first semester away from home can be hard, but once they open their box of cookies, they’ll immediately be reminded of your love! The cookies will also get them through all that studying! SIGN THEM UP!

6 Months

Is someone celebrating a milestone birthday this year? Are you looking for a special gift with a WOW factor? Well, look no further!

Our 6-Month cookie subscription is the perfect gift to keep the celebration going! Each month they’ll receive a box with our tasty treats carefully packaged inside. What’s even more special is they’ll end their subscription on their half birthday! That’s a thing, right? Half birthdays? No? Just me that celebrates half birthdays? Okay. Moving on. The recipient will be thanking you month after month and if you’re lucky, they might even share! But, full disclosure, sharing is optional. So, don’t get your hopes up. BUY NOW!

12 Months

Do you consider yourself a cookie connoisseur?

Or perhaps a cookie monster? Then our 12-Month subscription has your name written all over it! Treat yourself to one whole year of our scrumptious, gourmet cookies. You’ll get a true Pacific Cookie Company experience by trying 12 different flavors! Everyone deserves a little indulgence, so quit making excuses and subscribe now! You won’t regret it. SUBSCRIBE!

Whether you’re signing someone up or joining yourself, receiving a box of fresh baked cookies each month is something to look forward to! To browse all of our cookie gift packages, CLICK HERE.

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