Behold, the Birthday Cookie Cake!

Cookie Cakes

Traditional birthday cakes are so 2019. If you’re looking to switch things up this year, look no further than our fresh baked, gourmet cookies! We already told you that Dessert Bars are a unique way to treat your guests, so why not ditch the traditional cake?! Here, we have a “cookie cake” idea that is a sure way to spruce up a kids birthday party! Kids love cookies, so imagine their face when they see mounds of cookies with bright, illuminating candles!

All You Need is Cookies

When we say “Cookie Cake”, we’re not talking about one big cookie with frosting and sprinkles, but rather, stacks of cookies put together to resemble a round cake. Depending on how many guests you’re hosting, you may only need a few dozen, but if you’re expecting a large crowd, we suggest our Box of 144-1oz cookies (also, leftovers never hurt anybody). You can select up to six flavors which is great because your guests will appreciate options! 

We think it’s fun to mix the stacks with different flavors, but you can certainly assemble your cake as you please! One option is keeping the flavors together – for example, one stack of all chocolate chip, one stack of all lemon drop, etc.

Cookies, to-go please!

After the candles have been blown out and the very important wish has been made, let the kids go wild! Okay, maybe not wild, but have them dig in! It will be fun to see which flavor(s) they choose. If you find yourself with leftovers, you can put together goodie bags for the kids to take home!

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