How to make Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cookies!

How to make Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter cookies!

I’m all about chocolate covered treats – strawberries, bananas, pretzels, you name it (chocolate covered bacon is still on my list to try.). If you haven’t tried our chocolate covered cookies yet, you’re in for a TREAT! They are available at our downtown bakery on the weekends and they go fast! If you happen to miss them, don’t you worry! Check out this EASY recipe for chocolate covered Peanut Butter cookies!

This recipe is as easy as it gets! I took home a dozen Peanut Butter cookies and stopped at the local grocery store to pick up a few ingredients. Peanut Butter is one of my favorite cookies, but any cookie works with this recipe! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One dozen Peanut Butter cookies (BUY NOW or follow THIS recipe to make from scratch!)
  • Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Chopped Nuts (optional)
  • Sea Salt (optional)
  • Parchment Paper

First you’ll want to melt the chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of chocolate chips which was plenty for one dozen cookies. I placed them in a bowl and put in the microwave for 10-second intervals (did a total of 30 seconds). Be sure to stir the chocolate in between intervals! Once the chocolate is melted, the cookies are ready to be covered! You can cover the cookies in as much or as little chocolate as you’d like! I covered about 1/3 of each cookie.

The chocolate will start to set, so if you’re topping with nuts or sea salt, be sure to do so quickly! I sprinkled the majority of them with nuts and just a few with sea salt. Place the cookies on a lined tray and place them in the fridge. Cookies are ready to eat once the chocolate is hard.

That’s all folks!

I wasn’t kidding when I said this recipe was easy! It makes for a quick last minute dessert option for a party or like in my case, when a chocolate craving hits. Let us know if you try this at home!


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