Happy National Mimosa Day!

Happy National Mimosa Day!

Boy, there sure is a National Holiday for everything nowadays, right?! Well, today is no different! May 16th has been deemed National Mimosa Day! Mimosas are the epitome of a simple cocktail – equal parts of champagne and orange juice. They are essential for a Sunday brunch gathering.

Introducing: The Mimosa Bar

My family is big on dessert bars – brownies, cupcakes, cake pops and COOKIES of course (lots of Dr. Midnight fans in my household). With Mother’s Day coming up, my sister and I wanted to switch things up. We scaled down on our dessert bar (cake pops and cookies “only”), and introduced our very own Mimosa Bar!

With a couple bottles of champagne and orange juice, we set up our bar for our guests to create their very own mimosa! For garnish, we included an array of Driscoll’s berries (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries). Our Mimosa + Dessert bar was a hit! I paired my mimosa with a Lemon Drop cookie, while my Mom paired hers with Oatmeal Raisin (the only cookie she says is justifiable to eat for breakfast).

Create your own Mimosa Bar!

While easy to make, mimosas are always open to interpretation. Not a fan of orange juice? No problem! You can really substitute with any juice you’d like! I suggest mango or cranberry juice. As far as champagne, you can use whichever bubbles that quench your thirst. I suggest stopping by a local winery and tasting their champagne! I love Kirigin Cellars and their champagne is fabulous! Perhaps you’re not a fan champagne? Many restaurants are now putting their own spin on the classic mimosa by substituting champagne for BEER! Try making one at home with equal parts beer and orange juice (light beer works best).

Next time you’re hosting brunch, give a Mimosa + Dessert bar a try! Paired with the right treats, mimosas are a sure way to get the party started. Can we cheers to that?!

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