Every Walk of Life: Dark Chocolate Cranberry

For some, giving 110% is what you’re born to do. That certainly goes for our heavy-hitting Dark Chocolate Cranberry cookie. Packed with mounds of smooth dark chocolate and tart dried cranberries, this cookie is not only tasty, it’s also full of antioxidants. Delicious and nutritious! In addition to the health benefits, we use fair-trade Guittard dark chocolate so there are even more reasons to feel good about snacking on this semi-sweet treat. Our Dark Chocolate Cranberry cookie is full of chewy goodness to give you a boost when you’re feeling worn out. The next time you need to fuel up for the big game, you know which cookie to grab. We use all-natural ingredients and no preservatives so you can trust that you’re getting a wholesome treat. If you’re looking for a snack that won’t let you down, Dark Chocolate Cranberry is the clear winner.

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