A Downtown Valentine’s Day

Trying to figure out what gift to get your significant other or that special someone this Valentines? Downtown Santa Cruz has some lovely spots where you can grab some simple gifts that would make anyone’s day brighter.

Marini’s candy selection will ignite your taste buds from different chocolates to colorful gummy bears. I personally grabbed some dark chocolate bars that I am trying to resist at the moment. 12973652_ooEkz46U-jVdRlkjo7Binx4npSEKAlFLOWEXyHry_Qg

A good gift should have at three parts to it because who doesn’t love more surprises?  Shay’s Flowers right on 411 Cedar St has a beautiful selection of flowers whose aroma you simply can’t resist. The Chelsea bouquet is vibrant and beautiful piece that compliment the dark chocolate from Marini’s. HW0_426483

And finally, some cookies! Some delicious Pacific Cookie Company cookies for Valentine’s day are always a go to because of the large selection of gift boxes they offer. With so many options and delicious cookies, you cannot go wrong with Pacific Cookie Company. loveinairtinzoom

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