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The Favorite Sweets of Our U.S. Presidents

The Favorite Sweets of Our U.S. Presidents

Happy President’s Day! We thought it would be fun to give you all a slice of History today and are featuring the best kind of history lesson, the kind you can eat!

1. George Washington: Martha Washington’s Great Cake
2. John Adams: Abigail Adams Apple Pan Dowdy
3. Thomas Jefferson: His very own Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe
4. James Madison: Dolley Madison’s Soft Gingerbread
4. James Madison: Dolley Madison’s Soft Gingerbread
5. James Monroe: Cry Babies
6. John Quincy Adams: Soft Molasses Cakes (cookies)
7. Andrew Jackson: Burnt Custard
8. Martin Van Buren: Charlotte Russe
9. William Henry Harrison: Pound Cake



10. John Tyler: Grateful Pudding (pictured Bread Pudding)
11. James K. Polk: Corn Pones
12. Zachary Taylor Calas-Tous-Chauds (Sweet Rice Fritters)
13. Milliard Fillmore: Corn Pudding
14: Franklin Pierce: New Hampshire Fried Pies
15. James Buchanan: A-Pees
16. Abraham Lincoln: Mary Todd Lincoln’s White Cake
17. Andrew Johnson: Eliza Johnson’s Sweet Potato pudding (recipe pictured is not her actual recipe, but one that is very similar)
18. Ulysses S. Grant: Boston Cream Pie
19: Rutherford B. Hayes: Angel Cake
20. James A. Garfield: Soda Bread
21. Chester A. Arthur: Devil’s Food Cake
22. Grover Cleveland: Snickerdoodle Cookies

24. Grover Cleveland

26. Theodore Roosevelt: Fat Rascals
27. William Howard Taft: Pumpkin Pie
28. Woodrow Wilson: Tea Cakes
29. Warren G. Harding: Almond Cookies
30. Calvin Coolidge: Maple Walnut Cookies
31. Herbert Hoover: Grandma Hoover’s Cream Peach Pie (Pictured, Peach Cream Pie)
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Angel Food Cake with Pink Clouds
33. Harry S. Truman: Ozark Pudding
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Mamie Eisenhower’s Million Dollar Fudge
35. John F. Kennedy: Jacqueline Kennedy’s Waffles
36. Lyndon B. Johnson: Lady Bird’s Pecan Pie (Pictured, Pecan Pie)
37. Richard Nixon: Yorkshire Pudding
38. Gerald Ford: Butter Pecan Ice Cream
39. Jimmy Carter: Rosalynn Carter’s Peanut Butter Pie
40. Ronald Reagan: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
41. George H. W. Bush: Barbara Bush’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
42. Bill Clinton: President Clinton’s Oatmeal Cookies
Laura Bush’s Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie with Whipped Cream
44. Barack Obama: Pie (Recipe is Crust-less Coconut Pie)

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