Non-profit Day, February 24th

BFC Logo (3)This coming Tuesday, February 24th, Pacific Cookie Company in Berkeley is hosting a Non-profit Day where 25% of the day’s sales will go towards helping the community. This Tuesday we are working with local non-profit, Berkeley Free Clinic. Berkeley Free Clinic was founded in 1969 as a “street medicine” as they call it in their Mission Statement. During it’s 40 year history, Berkeley Free Clinic has never charged any fees for their services, medications or other supplies provided to it’s clients. All income is generated by individual or organizational donations and care is provided by volunteer health care workers. With the healthcare debate being a front and center topic, services like Berkeley Free Clinic are literally priceless. Caring for individuals that may not be able to afford the help they need helps restore humanity in an age where cash is king. This Tuesday, please come in and donate some of your change to make an amazing change that helps others in your community. To find out more information about Berkeley Free Clinic or if you would like to help by donating or volunteering, visit their website here.

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