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On May 22nd, we posed a question to our Facebook fans: “If you could ask Pacific Cookie Company one question (anything from ingredient questions, to questions about our retail bakery, etc.), what would it be?” Thank you to everyone who contributed! We received some great questions, and hope that our answers satisfy your curiosity!

1. Will you serve gluten free in all flavors?

Red House bakery does not make all the flavors Pacific Cookie has but we would love your feedback on your favorites!

2. Exactly what time are the cookies taken out of the oven? I’d like to purchase them at that exact moment.

We bake all day long so our cookies are fresh and the aroma fills the streets of downtown. You can always call or come by to see what will be coming out soon!

3. Why can’t I find bags of Almond Joe’s at local grocery stores? Deluxe Foods and Shopper’s Corner carry everything BUT Almond Joe’s. (or should I ask them this question?)

We only package our best sellers in the bags you’ll find at your local grocery store. But you can always find them fresh-baked at our retail bakery in downtown Santa Cruz.

4. Can you please make a new cookie with dark chocolate and orange zest?

That sounds delicious. Are you thinking a dark chocolate cookie base like Dr. Midnight with orange zest? What would you recommend on top of the cookie to know it has orange flavor? If you have a recipe we can take a look. Send an email to with your suggestions.

5. Why are your cookies so freaking good?!?

It’s a secret.

6. The oven temp. 😛

Hmm…another secret.

7. Can I get the recipe? 🙂

If we did you probably would not have the same result as our dough makers who have been mixing dough at Pacific Cookie Company for over 15 years!

8. Why did you stop making oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts…they were my favorite (back when you sold them for 25 cents each!)?

Unfortunately, no one bought them. 🙁

9. Can you please make a vegan cookie?

In fact, we have tried to make a vegan cookie in the past, but without much success. Our classic flavors with butter and eggs are our specialty.

10. How would I go about getting the BIG cookies—the ones you don’t sell at the store?? The chocolate chip cookies are the best!

Call our wholesale office! And ask for 3-oz cookies (831) 429-9709.

11. Peanut butter cookie, can you please add whole peanuts to your batter? Please.

We use a chunky peanut butter. Some cookie lovers don’t like nuts, some like more. Our peanut butter is the perfect in between.

12. Will you open a store in Columbia, Missouri?

If you are interested just call me up, cousin. 😉

13. What’s the secret to getting cookies so soft?

Use a higher than normal baking temp to get a crunchy exterior and soft interior. Yum!

14. Temp? Size of scoop? What is the name of the products you use? 


15. In the lemon cookie…lemon oil…lemon zest…lemon juice? Cake flour…bread flour…AP…what what spit it out!!!

Hmm…more secrets… 🙂


And there you have it folks! Your questions answered. If you have another question, but missed the opportunity with this post, please feel free to ask us on Facebook and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Thanks so much for all your support.

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