Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and here at Pacific Cookie Company we want to ensure you don’t forget the most important holiday of the year. If you missed last years, here is a way to get Mom to forgive you tenfold.

Here are a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts:

Sweet Surprise Mother’s Day Cookie Box

A sweet taffy colored ribbon encloses a wonderful surprise your Mom is sure to love! Other Mom’s will be “green with envy” at the sight of the delicious 12 fresh-baked 2oz cookies your Mom will proudly display.

Santa Cruz Tin

If you aren’t able to bring Mom to the beach this Mother’s Day, bring the beach to her with this Santa Cruz Cookie Tin of 36 fresh-baked 1oz cookies (a local favorite). After eating all the delicious cookies, she can save the tin and use it to store seashells, cards or favorite memories shared with you!

Native Leaf Green Market Gift Tote

Handcrafted with love from the Philippines, with proper care, this bag will provide years of fun. Whether you want to reuse for a farmers market bag, or for just everyday use Mom will love this unique gift item that is one of a kind. Fill your reusable green bag with 36 of your Mom’s favorite delicious 2-ounce gourmet cookies.

Spring Sweets

Spring is in full bloom and the sun is shining. Spend some quality time with Mom and take a seat outside with your favorite 2 dozen delicious fresh baked 2-ounce gourmet cookies and enjoy the Spring season.

Mum’s the Word

Pay back Mom for all those sleepless nights she endured when you were a baby with this two dozen gift box that is wrapped with our special floral ribbon.

With Every Beat of My Heart

Remind Mom with this special gift that you are the only one that has been able to hear her heart from the inside. This is the perfect cookie delivery to say, “I love you, even when we are apart.” The deep heart cut out window will show off your Mom’s favorite dozen of 2-oz cookies.

Yo, Mama!

These cookies are dressed to the nines and looking so hot they may need some milk to cool down! For that special Mom, fill your unique gift her favorite dozen and you’re off the hook!

Pick out your favorite gift for Mom and enter the coupon code


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Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours from everyone here at Pacific Cookie Company!





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