The Unique (and Delicious!) Wedding Favor

This post seemed appropriate given this time of year (wedding season!) and also strikes a personal chord with me since I am to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding this July. I have certainly grown to have a much better appreciation for the planning side of things and how important each and every detail is, no matter its seemingly trivial qualities. For example, wedding favors – the show will go on with or without the perfect wedding favor, but every bride knows that the love and support felt by each and every one of her guests is not something to be forgotten or left unacknowledged.

That being said, Pacific Cookie Company now offers a wonderful solution to the many questions brides ask when choosing their wedding favors:  Do I go traditional? How can I personalize my wedding favors? I want something unique. Maybe something with chocolate? Or perhaps just a deliciously edible favor!

The pictures in this post are just a few from a series of photos taken last year to showcase the party favors we offer on our website. Each stack of six 1-ounce cookies is daintily tied off with a beautiful satin edged ribbon for the perfect touch to any place setting. And with a ribbon selection ranging from red to purple to silver and gold, these sweet treats are ideal for any occasion.

Another available option, perfect for the out-of-town guests as a sweet surprise on their pillowcases,  is our more traditional 2-ounce sized cookie offered as individually wrapped 2-packs. These unique and edible wedding favors offer a more personalized touch with the option to create your own signature “label” to attach to each 2-pack. And they are the perfect way to say “Thank you!” to each and every guest.

wedding collage

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