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            After a year that has gone by, we, your co-workers and very close friends at Pacific Cookie Company, still miss you as if you left us yesterday. We know that you can see us and hear us because not a day goes by that we don’t remember something about you: your jokes, your laughter, your good food, what a hard worker you were, how strong and good a friend you were. We cannot believe you are gone, but you are forever in our hearts.


                        Angie, Mary and Yolanda

Norma was a hard working employee of Pacific Cookie Company and is still very much missed by her friends here. In an effort to keep Norma’s memory alive and to promote breast cancer awareness, we will donate $10.00 of every Norma Gift Box sold in the month of October to WomenCARE, a local Santa Cruz, CA organization that provides FREE cancer advocacy, resources, education, and support to women with all types of cancer. They also advocate for research into the CAUSES of cancer and strive towards providing a healthy environment for women affected by cancer first or secondhand.

We hope that you will join in our effort to raise funding for this organization.

Norma Gift Box – $18.95


For more breast cancer statistics and to become more aware yourself, visit:


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