Christmas Elves, Hard at Work

Well – Christmas is certainly here! And if you’ve ever visited our wholesale location for a good deal on day-old cookies, you might have seen a few employees hard at work with their festive hats! This morning, Judy (our Sales Manager, and newest employee) gave me a red and white striped hat to wear. Little did she know that Felipe, our Production Manager who has been here for MANY years, always dons his festive hats for each holiday, whether it’s Christmas, or St. Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving – yes Thanksgiving…he had a turkey hat!

So when Judy offered me the red and white striped hat, I had to challenge him to a hat duel. Well, he won – because after I showed off my new hat to him, he came back with ANOTHER hat…a reindeer hat in place of his usual elf hat with ears. I smell the likes of a continuous challenge between him and I, and I can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

A few of our Christmas Elves - Samuel, Emily (myself), and Felipe



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