Is It Really the End of October Already?!

I was watching Food Network the other day on my lunch break (torturous, I know…because while I was eating my tuna sandwich for the second day in a row, Paula Deen was baking crispy sweet potato fries with loads of butter, a beautiful side of asparagus and a deliciously tender steak with a soy sauce glaze), and it finally struck me that we are in the thick of the autumn season. I suppose what really hit it home, regardless of the crisp morning air that turns my nose pink and that particularly comforting crunching sound of leaves under foot, was the sequential Paula Deen segment on “TV Dinner Cupcakes” (what can I say, I love Paula Deen!) – dessert made to look like chicken drumsticks, vegetables, and mashed potatoes and gravy.  How adorable are these?!


So I came to the realization that it wasn’t even Halloween yet, and I was excited for Thanksgiving…ooh the food! It’s nice to see family too of course, but the food! J And in this daydream of blissful, self-indulging gluttony, I came to the realization that my family would expect I bring cookies for dessert (one of the perks for working at Pacific Cookie Company)!

What better way to ring in the holiday season than with our Ginger Spice cookies?! Mmmm….


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