Wharf to Wharf 2011

Aleda, Vanessa, Cher and Katie outside retail store before the race
Look how many runners! 15,000+

This last Saturday, a few of our retail store employees took part in the 39th annual Wharf to Wharf and ran alongside more than 15,000 other runners. Dubbed “The Best Little Roadrace in California”, the Wharf to Wharf gathers crowds of locals and out-of-towners from across the state and around the world to both participate in and watch this fantastic event!


At the 10-Mile Marker

The proceeds of the race are then donated to local schools and clubs who volunteer their time in the setup and tear-down of the event. With race registration sold out within 2 weeks, this 6 mile race is a gathering of thousands of athletes, on-lookers, and approximately 40 live bands. This year, there were even a few wedding proposals that took place on the sidelines as the runners flew by!


With the hectic amount of crowds roaming around town and trying to find parking, our four ladies decided to meet up outside the retail store downtown and walk to the starting line. When they got there, they were lined up behind the thousands of other runners and started 10 minutes from the start line at the 10 minute mark!

The Starting Line


After the race started, it took about 10 minutes of tripping over the heels of the racers in front of them as they were “cattle herded” towards the starting line. But after a while,  the crowd of runners began to thin out and the pace picked up.


Finally the crowd of runners has thinned

I spoke with Cher who said this was something that she, Vanessa, and Aleda, have done for the past 2 years (this was Katie’s first year), and that it was something they would definitely continue to do in the future! “It was fun!” said Cher. “It was a six-mile party! And at some point along the way, a 7-year old boy stood up in the back of a truck in his front yard with two water hoses, one in each hand, and sprayed Vanessa as we ran past!”


Between a woman running with fairy wings, a group of “Tigger people” and the save our shores representatives dressed in jelly fish and sharks,  the Wharf to Wharf attracts more than just your everyday serious “Nike-sporting, UnderArmor-wearing” runners. In a few pictures captured by the Capitola-Soquel Patch online, I also saw a running torch, a BlueMan, and a man with a flag!

The Finish Line


After crossing the finish line, each runner was handed a goody bag filled with apple juice, and sports bar, chapstick, and the prized and found-nowhere-else Wharf to Wharf T-shirts.


Congratulations ladies for finishing up the race once again! Perhaps next year I’ll join you in the run. And if any of our fans are avid runners, keep an eye out for us next year.


Happy running!

(left to right: Cher, Vanessa, Katie, Aleda, Katie's boyfriend) After the race

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