A Day in the Life – of Our Sales Manager, Brenda


BiRite, a foodservice distributor in the South San Francisco Area (Brisbane to be exact) recently had their 11th annual golf tournament at the Peninsula Golf and Country Club. Our sales manager, Brenda, was in attendance handing out our cookies to all the participating golfers – well, that’s what she went there to do! Check out the sequence of photos below – the pictures say it all…


#1 - All Set and Ready to Go.








#2 - Wind damage. Crash. Feels like a Monday.









#3 - The Weapon.








#4 - The Boys Taking Away the Body from the Crime Scene.








#5 - The Country Club's Clean-Up Crew







#6 - Squirrel Enjoying our Cahootz! He is partial to this cookie. All natural. Speaks for itself. And some companies need talking geckos. 😉









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