Hello, Goodbye

As the year comes to a close, we enter a natural period of transition: the seasons change, the holidays come to an end, and we look forward to a new year. Additionally this year, Pacific Cookie is experiencing a transition in our office. After 3.5 years, I (Emily) am leaving the company to pursue graduate level education in business.

Working in the office of a for-profit business was not something I had ever envisioned myself doing, but my time working inside a small, family-owned company has redefined my ideas about what it means to “do business.” At the Pacific Cookie Company I have been a part of an organization that is at once creative, practical, and most importantly, successful without sacrificing integrity. I’ve witnessed the unique business community in Santa Cruz in which small businesses not only look out for themselves, but also each other. Local companies support local non-profits and Santa Cruz residents make it a part of their lifestyle to “think local first” when shopping for goods and services. This Santa Cruz culture was one of the reasons I moved here, but seeing this community through the lens of a small business employee, I felt for the first time that a career in business could be an accessible and powerful way to be a positive influence in the world.

My experience at Pacific Cookie Company has had a wonderfully positive impact on me and thanks to everything I have learned here, I am now off to graduate school. As I make my exit from the company, we welcome a new Emily (literally, her name is Emily too). Everyone is excited for her to join us and she has already proven herself by surviving the chaotic holiday season with grace. Watch the blog for posts from Emily about all things cookie and her experiences as the newest member of the Pacific Cookie team.

So, hello Emily and goodbye Emily. It’s been grand and I’ll miss you all.

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