Meet our hero, Mint Condition

To celebrate 30 years of baking SUPER cookies, we asked our loyal cookie lovers to show us what it would look like if one cookie rose above the rest and became a SUPER HERO cookie. The creator of the best cookie super hero would win one dozen cookies each month for one year.

Now a hero has emerged… from the mind of Alice Grunstra came Samantha Greene a.k.a. Mint Condition.

Here’s her story:

What are Mint Condition’s powers?
Icy cold breath and a superhuman ability to keep her cool under pressure.

How did she gain her powers?
After eating a particularly dense and chocolate-y brownie, Samantha Greene brushed her teeth before going to bed. Unbeknownst to her, her tube of toothpaste contained extract from a magical mint plant. The flavors of mint and chocolate combined to make her the super-cool super hero she is today.

Does she have a weakness?
A severe allergy to nuts.

Does she have an archenemy?
The crafty Cahootz, whose unpredictable (yet delicious) crunch never fails to keep her on her toes.

Congratulations Alice! Thanks for bringing us a wonderful cookie super hero!

We had many great submissions and also chose four honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Angela Culver, 15
Super Hero: The Name
Super Powers: Can whip whip cream out of his eyes and chocolate chips out of his finger tips. If a kid ever drops a cookies, he’ll be there to pick it up before it falls on the ground. He also creates world peace.
How did he get his powers? He was born with cookie vision and inside of his body is coconut.
Does he have a weakness? The staff at the cookie company. They are just so great.
Does he have an archenemy? Ginger Spicy Body: the person who made cookies with no sugar.
Bryeanna Cheung, 9
Super Hero: Chip
Super Powers: Flying, running very fast
How did he get his powers? His chocolate chips.
Does the hero have a weakness? No.
Does the hero have an archenemy? Yes, Milk.
Sarah Culver, 13
Super Hero: Sugar Mama
Super Powers: Able to love everyone, including the world. Can turn her body into a chocolate chip marshmallow.
How did she get her powers? She was born to the original Sugar Daddy and was so nice she got the one power everyone wanted.
Does she have a weakness? Chocolate covered strawberries. Oh, and hate.
Does she have an archenemy? Sugar-Free Mama.
Katie Walton, 13
Super Hero: Oprah Sugarcoated-frey
Super Powers: She gives all the poor children free cookies and started her own cookbook club and has a successful talk show for all the famous cookies.
How did she get her powers? From being the most flavor-licious cookie that was top-charted since the day she started and she got struck by a shooting star.
Does she have a weakness? She is addicted to buying and giving away loads of cookies until unfortunate souls explode.
Does she have an archenemy? Oprah’s archenemy is Fat Albert because he always tries to eat her.

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