It’s Our 30th Anniversary!

We just turned 30 and we’re celebrating with an awesome line up  of festivities!

1.   Visit 1203 Pacific Ave for these daily specials:

Tuesday, September 21st:
$1 off a half dozen cookies of your choice

Wednesday, September 22nd:
$1 off a scoop of Marianne’s ice cream on a cookie

Thursday, September 23rd:

2.   For those Pacific Cookie lovers who can’t make to the retail store, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Save 30% off your order at when you use the coupon code ANNIVERSARY. Offer valid through Wednesday Sept 22nd. Orders must be shipped by Nov 22nd. Discount does not apply to the cost of shipping.

3.   Do you like to draw? Do you think our cookies are super? Is Dr. Midnight your hero?
ENTER TO WIN ONE DOZEN COOKIES EACH MONTH FOR A YEAR! Visit the Promotions page for details.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers over the last 30 years. You guys are what makes it all possible!

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